The Dad, Representative, Educator, and coach

Meet Charles

Dad, Representative, Educator

Meet Charles

Charles Graham lives his life according to one word: “service.” Whether as an educator, a high school basketball coach, an employer, a legislator or a dad, Graham has dedicated his life to giving back and helping those in need.

Charles began his career in Pembroke, NC as an educator assisting children with special needs. When he started teaching special needs children in the 70’s they had almost no rights in our schools. At the time, states were not required to provide educational equity to children with disabilities. Multiple landmark court decisions changed that and gave states the responsibility to provide special education resources and schooling to students in need of it. Charles spent 30 years fighting the system to recognize these children’s humanity.

Today, as the owner of a companion home-health company, Charles Graham helps those same folks live independently as adults. Through his company he places home health aides with seniors and disabled adults so they can stay in their homes.  

As a state Representative and local business owner, Charles Graham has proven himself a true champion of blue collar workers and families in rural North Carolina. In the legislature, Charles has developed a reputation for working with anyone who will listen to better the lives of everyone in his district.

As a Lumbee American Indian, he has brought benefits to his people. He helped Lumbee veterans get easier access to VA benefits, and he’s championed an American Indian Heritage Commission to promote and preserve Indian culture. Charles Graham is running for Congress to continue helping people in North Carolina to get ahead and stay ahead.

North Carolinians have come back from the financial crisis because families saved and sacrificed to make it work. But the deck is still stacked for those at the top. In order to meet the challenges of the 21st century, we need to build an economy that works for everyone: making education accessible and affordable, providing tax relief to families and small businesses, and investing in the economy of the future.

Families in rural communities are working harder, but their paychecks aren’t getting bigger. To help families address the new and unique pressures they’re facing today, we need to make it easier for parents to succeed at work and at home. That means raising the minimum wage, leveling the playing field for women, strengthening communities, and making sure that every family feels welcome in America.

Charles Graham believes the key to an economy built to last is a strong and growing middle class. America prospers when hard work pays off, responsibility is rewarded, and everyone from Main Street to Wall Street, plays by the same rules. When Charles goes to Washington, everybody goes.

"I grew up with the story of those at Hayes Pond who refused to be afraid. I was taught from an early age that human dignity is a human right. "

Charles Graham


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