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I want to thank the citizens of House District 47 for their strong support during my service in the North Carolina House of Representatives. I am asking for your continued support and vote during this election. As a retired teacher and program administrator with the Public Schools of Robeson County, I have used my experiences and skills to work in a bi-partisan way to represent what is best for Robeson County.


As a senior member of the Education Policy Committee, I will continue to fight for the resources and policies needed to support education. In order to grow our economy, educational opportunities for all children must continue regardless of where they live or the school they attend. Although progress has been made, more is needed such as keeping qualified teachers in Robeson County who have the resources, they need including new facilities. Additional funding supporting UNCP and Robeson Community College growth and expansion is always on my legislative agenda.


As a business owner for twenty-two years, I understand the support needed to keep a business strong and solvent. I can relate to a business owner's everyday concerns such as having a skilled work force, regulations, taxes, insurance. Farming, health care, tourism, education, retail, and the services industry are important to the economy of Robeson County. As your representative, I will use my seniority and experience as a member on the Jobs and Commerce committee to promote job incentives and policies that will be the best for our citizens, not partisanship.  Traveling throughout Robeson County during my service, listening to many concerns, has given me the knowledge and understanding of the many needs of our county.


My goal for 2021 is to continue serving our county in a leadership position as a committee chair which will strengthen Robeson County’s influence on legislation in Raleigh.


The 2020 election is a defining moment for our democracy. Voices are needed in the legislature who are caring, compassionate, and willing to reach across party lines to be a representative for all citizens, regardless of their socio-economic status or where they live. 

    • A living wage for everyone

    • Raise teacher pay to the national average

    • Broadband access in every home

    • Pay increases for our state employees to $15 per hour and retirees COLA’S (Cost of Living Adjustment)

    • Demanding the removal of toxic coal ash, protecting our drinking water from GenX,

    • Cleaning of our Lumber River and drainage canals

    • Protect your 2nd Amendment rights

    • Supporting voices insisting that they be heard in protecting our communities from environmental threats.

    • Supporting and promoting public educational opportunities for the children of Robeson County,


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