Protecting early childhood education and ensuring our students are attending safe schools with highly qualified educators is vital to our well-being as a community.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created new challenges for our public schools. I believe that now more than ever, reliable, high-speed Internet access throughout Robeson County is critical. During this difficult time, distance learning should be an option for all who need it. No child should have to have their education put on hold due to a lack of Internet access.

I have cosponsored legislation to expand broadband.

I have made it my personal mission for North Carolina to raise educator pay to the national average. Educators should not have to work a second job or apply for public benefits in order to make ends meet. Increasing educator pay will reduce turnover and attract the best and brightest people to serve as public school educators. 

It is critical during this time that we support our educators, teacher assistants, bus drivers, cafeteria workers and compensate them fairly for the contributions they make to our community. 

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