✅ Representative Graham established the Joint Legislative American Indian Affairs Caucus in 2011 to give voices to the needs of the Lumbee

✅ Sponsor of a Special Provision in the 2017 State Budget That Established a Statewide Re- Entry Council;

✅ Primary Sponsor of a Special Provision in the 2017 State Budget That Established a Statewide BEE Hive Grant program;

✅ Primary Sponsor of Legislation Senate Bill 37 SL 2015-296 (HB 19) to Waive Tuition at UNC Constituent Institutions and Community Colleges for Children Whose Legal Guardians or Legal Custodians of Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, or Rescue Workers, Were Killed While in Active Service or Training;

✅ Co-Sponsor of Legislation that returned the NC Indian Culture Center to the Lumbee People and Created the Second Lumber River State Park In Robeson County as Recommended by the Legislative Oversite Program Evaluation Division(PED);

✅ Advocated and Won the Removal 0f Coal Ash From the Former Weatherspoon Power Plant to Protect our Ground Water and the Lumber River;

✅ Amended Legislation to Allow American Indian Tribal Cards as a Form of Voter ID for State Recognized Tribes In North Carolina;

✅ Secured Funding for the Southeastern Re-entry Council Serving Robeson, Scotland and Hoke Counties;

✅ Primary Sponsor of Legislation (Reegan’s Rule) to require Pediatricians to Educate Parents About Diabetes During Annual Physicals for Children Birth to 6;

✅ Primary Sponsor of Legislation Increasing the Hotel Occupancy Tax From 3% to 6% in Lumberton and St. Pauls;

✅ Voted against Sunday Hunting;

✅ Supported and Voted for Tax Credits and Incentives to Recruit Industry to North Carolina;

✅ Amended 2017 Budget to Include a 2 Million Dollars Appropriation for improvements to Job Ready Sites;

✅ Introduced Legislation Honoring the Life of Julian Pierce;

✅ Primary Sponsor of Legislation That Recognizes the Week of September 11th as Fire Fighters Appreciation Week in North Carolina;

✅ Primary Sponsor of Legislation to Consolidate Outstanding Warrants on an Individual While in the Custody of Law Enforcement.