Charles believes it is time to reinvest in America’s infrastructure. In the past few years, major bridges have collapsed, outdated railway lines have led to tragic train wrecks, and most recently, the Colonial Pipeline hack exposed the lack of critical energy infrastructure. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic bared the disparities in access to high-speed internet between rural and urban communities.

In North Carolina alone, studies find that nearly 10% of our bridges are rated structurally deficient. There is an estimated $16.8 billion need in drinking water protection. 1,307 dams in the state are considered to be high-hazard potential. And North Carolina’s schools are in need of more than $8 billion in capital improvements. 

As State Representative, Charles has supported bipartisan solutions to address the modernization of North Carolina’s critical infrastructure. But he knows in order to prepare the nation for the future, Congress can and should do more to reinvest in infrastructure in a broad, comprehensive manner.


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